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More Paid Leave?

  • Post published:October 19, 2022
  • Post category:News
A new proposed law could go into effect in the next couple of years, resulting in more burdens on employers, employees, and businesses all over New Mexico. In the next Legislative Session, lawmakers will be voting on a new law that would give employees 12 weeks of paid sick leave and paid time off called the Paid Family Medical Leave Act (PFLMA).
If approved, employees would have to pay half of their wages for those 12 weeks, while having the employers do the other half. Clearly the PFLMA law would create more financial stress, burdens, and difficulties for business owners all over New Mexico. 
NMBC President, Carla Sonntag, was asked to participate in a taskforce on the proposed PFMLA law, to represent the best interests of New Mexico businesses. Over the course of many weeks, Carla surveyed businesses throughout the state, giving them a glimpse of what could be a reality, if this legislation is passed in January 2023. 
How did business owners respond? Their responses will shock you! Read more HERE.