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MRGCD Vote Today, Action Luncheon in SE NM & more

  • Post published:June 6, 2017
  • Post category:Issues

SE New Mexico event is set for 7-12-17: The Roswell ‘NMBC Action Luncheon’ will be held at ‘The Liberty’, July 12, 2017, from 11:30 to 1:00pm. Join NMBC to discuss a proactive approach to making New Mexico a better place to live and do business. Seating is limited – get tickets HERE.

What’s more important at the federal level: infrastructure, immigration reform/border security, healthcare reform, tax reform, or ….? With all the drama going on and multiple, major issues to address, it’s hard to tell. However, sandwiched between terrorist attacks overseas, controversies over high level misconduct, leaks of classified information and a solid national ‘resist Trump’ agenda, work must go on. The AP reports that President Trump continues to roll out ideas on improving the U.S. economy and downsizing the government. Read more HERE.

New Mexico’s unemployment problems are complicated and in need of real leadership from our elected officials. Recent information published by New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions based on responses from state job providers indicates there are jobs available in some occupations but not enough qualified, willing workers. An Albuquerque Journal editorial summarized the issue well, “New Mexico needs its elected officials to step up…starting with addressing the issues of drug use, criminal histories and over-reliance on entitlement programs to get more New Mexicans working, and working in New Mexico.” Read more HERE.