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New Jobs Coming to Rio Rancho!

  • Post published:July 20, 2022
  • Post category:News

Sandoval County has good news  that will improve the quality of life for New Mexicans living in the Rio Rancho area!

Opening in Fall 2023, a new retail complex will open in Rio Rancho, off of Unser and Wellspring, and along with this new complex will be well over 300 jobs! The big store starting this project is called ‘Market Street,’ a national high-end grocery store, that currently only has one store in Santa Fe and is very popular among those that live in that area. In addition to this new store, many other buildings and retail spaces will also open up around it, making for a small shopping district in the city. According to Rio Rancho mayor Greg Hull, he believes that these plans will “lead to more commerce in the city, with more people choosing to do their business in Rio Rancho, instead of ‘down the hill’ in Albuquerque.” Within the past couple of days, many came together to celebrate breaking ground on this project and construction is currently underway.

Additionally, the fact that new jobs will be added and that the city will become more economically stable gives many in Rio Rancho hope for what the future looks like in the city. For more information on this topic, click or tap this link HERE.