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New Map, New Elections

  • Post published:September 15, 2022
  • Post category:News

Some new redistricting in Las Cruces will greatly impact future elections at many levels of government.

This past Monday, the Las Cruces city council met to discuss a couple of map possibilities for redistricting the city. There were many maps for submission, but this past Monday they narrowed their options down to two. Depending on which redistricting map the Las Cruces city council chooses, it could change the future of the city, the city and statewide elections that take place, and many other varying factors.

Here at NMBC, we’re encouraging Las Cruces residents to get involved in the city council’s process, letting them know that manipulating the districts to favor one party or the other (gerrymandering) are not acceptable. This act not only changes the future of elections but also shows that the city council seems to favor special interest groups or even specific parties, over their own people. You can read more about this story and what this will mean for Las Cruces residents HERE