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Mainstream media has transformed from objective reporting on events and issues into platforms that tell us what is right, what is wrong, and what we should believe. The problem is truth under these conditions is often a matter of opinion stood up by “facts” limited to advance a narrative. Many news publications promote limited points of view to further storylines they desire. This leads to entrenched opinions we are expected to adopt, and anyone outside the mainstream is dismissed, censored or attacked. 

I’m tired of one-sided news coverage that doesn’t give the full picture. And I’m tired of being told what to think about issues. I know that many of you feel the same way. The New Mexico Sun was created to make New Mexico a better state through more complete news coverage. As a nonprofit, it’s that simple and there is no other agenda.

The New Mexico Sun will be different; it will be a daily news source serving the entire state. It will give readers the facts without a political agenda. It will be nonpartisan and present the different facets of an issue without slanting them to make a point. It will be open and accessible to all New Mexicans with an easy way to express your opinions. 

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