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New Zoning Passed, New Jobs Created!

  • Post published:July 21, 2022
  • Post category:News

A new Natural Resources Overlay Zone (NROZ) passed in Valencia County last Thursday night could create more jobs, boost their economy, and bring better opportunities for the people that live there! 

The New Mexico Business Coalition led an active grassroots organizing effort to rally pro-energy advocates for a hearing last week in Los Lunas and it clearly paid off! After a lengthy public hearing that lasted over seven hours, Valencia County Commissioners voted to approve the NROZ, which will open up many more new opportunities in the future. While the passing of the new zoning doesn’t mean that oil and gas wells will start popping up immediately, it does mean that the application process for exploratory wells in certain locations can finally begin. In talking with the New Mexico Sun, NMBC President Carla Sonntag stated that she supports this new opportunity and that because of it the county could see a ‘more diverse and robust economy.’

At NMBC our goal is to see communities and lives transformed and improved, while making New Mexico a better place to work and live; this news and new zoning, makes this possible for the people of Valencia County. For more context and to read Carla’s full New Mexico Sun interview, click or tap this link HERE to read more!