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2021 Hardest-Working States in America – NM Ranks 50

  • Post published:September 8, 2021
  • Post category:News

Hard work is key to success and the people in some states take that more seriously than others. To determine where Americans work the hardest, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 10 key indicators and NM ranked 50th.

Leadership matters as we would like to look to elected officials for setting an example. New Mexico’s Governor maintained a ‘no work search requirement’ for those receiving unemployment benefits well passed the time that hiring ramped up and the state needed them to go back to work. Have you noticed some businesses operating at reduced capacity or hours because they’re short staffed? Adding to that, the Mayor of Albuquerque told unemployed workers he would hold job openings until unemployment benefits expired – rather than filling jobs when the need arose.

Are some elected officials promoting issues and behaviors that led to that bad WalletHub rating? See the full report here: