NM Can Kick Start the Economy

Speaking of Energy Investments in New Mexico, here is a TECO Update: Despite threats of the TECO acquisition of NM Gas Company hearing going through Friday and reconvening for more in a few weeks, the hearing came to an end on Thursday, 4/3. The hearing examiner will present her findings and recommendations to the Public Regulation Commissioners in upcoming meetings. Parties to the case will be providing briefs on 5/2/14 and responses to those briefs on 5/15/14.

We would still encourage you to sign the petition in support of this case, if you have not done so already. Sign and Share the petition HERE.

Kudos to Commissioners Karen Montoya, Pat Lyons and Valerie Espinoza for showing up to parts of the hearing. We applaud their effort to hear testimony first hand and learn the details of the case before it is brought to them for a decision.

Rio Rancho, It’s Time to Vote: Early Voting for the Rio Rancho run-off election is underway. We encourage Rio Rancho citizens to support pro-business candidates and vote TODAY! See voting information HERE.

Las Cruces Minimum Wage: Following the lead of other cities and counties in the state, Las Cruces has begun the debate on raising the minimum wage for the city. The Las Cruces minimum wage is currently $7.50, and supporters of the increase are petitioning for $10.10 an hour. Good Work on Min Wage From NM Congressman Steve Pearce. The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) wants to recognize a voice of reason on this issue coming from Representative Steve Pearce who said, “A minimum wage increase sounds good on the surface, but it drives stepping-stone and entry-level jobs out of the country, eliminating opportunities for inexperienced workers. This is extremely unfair to the poor, and those trying to find employment. The most important thing is to develop skills among lower-skilled workers, so that they can gain experience and work their way up to high-paying jobs. Quite simply, the minimum wage is counterproductive because it destroys these opportunities.” Read more about the minimum wage debate in Las Cruces and Representative Steve Pearce’s response HERE.

Las Cruces Residents Can Be A Part of the Conversation: A “Great Conversation” is scheduled tonight, April 8, at 6 pm at Las Cruces City Hall. These conversations, sponsored by the City of Las Cruces, are not designed to produce a decision on the minimum wage, but to educate the community on the different views and present hard facts on the topic. Read more HERE.

Business Highlight: New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau: America’s farmers and ranchers are the world’s most productive. Today each U.S. farmer/rancher produces food and fiber for 157 people in the U.S. and abroad. New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau is proud to be part of this agricultural success story. They are an 18,000 member organization comprised of farmers and ranchers, and those who are interested in private property rights and a local food supply. NMF&LB is the state’s largest, private agricultural organization and was founded in 1917. They participate in local and state level politics to ensure policies are favorable to food production, support two youth committees in order to mentor future farmers and ranchers, and lead 30 county farm bureau organizations state-wide to encourage participation in agricultural issues. For information about NMF&LB please call 575-532-4703.

Better Business in NM is Our Passion! The NMBC works to create a positive business environment for New Mexico and local businesses. Success comes from our desire to improve the economy through private sector job growth. Over the next few months, the NMBC will continue to profile some of the great businesses that provide the jobs, products and services that improve the quality of life for all New Mexicans.

Upcoming Events – Save the Date: Las Cruces BASH (Business and Social Hour) – May 8 at La Posta de Mesilla Albuquerque BASH (Business and Social Hour) – May 22, from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm at the Albuquerque Country Club 2014 HEROES Luncheon – August 7 at the Albuquerque Country Club