To go along with our scorecard, NMBC has put together images detailing each candidate and the grade we’ve given them based on either their voting records or survey responses.

Anyone can download or share these images using the buttons below each image. Whether you post these pictures via social media or share them out in any other way, it’s important that to have an informed vote going into this next election. The more informed we are about the candidates, the better chance we have of voting in better leadership for our state! 

District 2:

District 6:

District 7:

District 10:

District 11:

District 14:

District 15:

District 17:

District 19:

District 20:

District 22:

District 23:

District 24:

District 26:

District 27:

District 28:

District 29:

District 30:

District 31:

District 32:

District 33:

District 36:

District 37:

District 38:

District 39:

District 40:

District 44:

District 46:

District 51:

District 52:

District 53:

District 57:

District 64:

District 66:

District 68:


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