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NM is #1, But Not For a Good Thing…

  • Post published:May 10, 2023
  • Post category:News

According to a new study done by shows that New Mexico is now the first in the nation when it comes to drug usage and addiction in teens and adults. Illegal drug activity usually leads to other crimes, serving as a reason why our crime rates are so high. 

During this past legislative session, some state lawmakers introduced good legislation, aimed at addressing both significant issues. However, those on the opposing side chose to defend drug dealers, thus promoting crime, with comments like, ‘…those dealing with illegal drugs must be armed because what they do is dangerous.’ Comments like these make you wonder, whose side are they on? Do they see the crime issues in our state? Or more importantly, do they even care what happens to innocent New Mexicans? The short answer, seems to be “No.”

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