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NM Manufacturer needs your unwanted wood

  • Post published:May 4, 2020
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Out of The Woods Manufacturing, a local wood recycling and manufacturing business in Albuquerque wants your unneeded wood!

Out of the Woods Manufacturing is the only company in Albuquerque that recycles clean, dry wood waste to be converted into alternative energy and other valuable products. Annually, Out of the Woods prevents approximately ten million pounds of beautiful wood waste from being needlessly added to our landfills.  Instead, this material is primarily used in the manufacture of high-quality home heating wood pellets for New Mexican Families.  

Taking your old wood scraps to Out of The Woods manufacturing not only prevents land fill use, but also helps protect New Mexico’s forests. Recycling your old wood with Out of the Woods Manufacturing allows them to focus on their primary goal of forest restoration and protecting watersheds from wildfires by removing dead fall and over growth. Learn more about what types of wood can be recycled and which can’t HERE. Bringing in raw material to recycle and be used in the manufacture of clean burning wood pellets is a big deal and an easy way to help others while doing your part to help our environment. Recycling your wood instead of tossing it into a landfill for triple the price provides jobs for Out of the Woods mostly Navajo crew of employees and frees them to continue the critical work of protecting our state from wildfires and warming New Mexican homes.

Instead of loading your wood up and paying to have it added to a landfill, bring your old pallets, skids, wood cuttings and more to Out of the Woods Manufacturing and recycle it to heat New Mexican homes and provide local jobs and protect our forests. Learn more about Out of The Woods by clicking the link below.  

Out of The Woods Recycling cannot accept:  

Wood that is chemically treated, painted, varnished, plywood, particle board, press board, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF).  These types of wood produce too many pollutants to be used in heating homes.  Out of The Woods  also cannot accept green trees, wet wood, brush etc.  

Have questions? Give em a call!

If you have  questions regaring the type of wood you can recycle, the condition or any other concerns, customers can dial 505-287-9469 extension 5 or 6 and speak to a representative for more details or information. The business owner Matthew Allen can be reached also at Ext 1.