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NM pecan production sets new record

  • Post published:October 21, 2019
  • Post category:News

New Mexico continues to hold the number one spot for pecan production in the nation with a record 97 million pounds harvested this year- a 6.5% increase from last year. New Mexico surpassed Georgia, which is traditionally the nation’s leader in pecan production, to take the number one spot after hurricane Michael laid waste to 18% of Georgia’s pecan producing acres in 2017. 

“We’re continuing to put more acres in pecans because we’re one of the best places in the world to grow them,” said Woods Houghton, Eddy County agricultural extension agent. “Our weather is really good, and the quality is superior. We’re seeing expansion across the state of New Mexico.”

The New Mexican pecan industry is also significantly more stable than our competitors. With better and more consistent weather patterns as well as non-native orchards, New Mexico’s pecan industry is less susceptible to variances that trouble growers in Texas and Oklahoma. Read More HERE