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NM Restaurants excluded from Governor’s COVID-19 advisory team

  • Post published:July 22, 2020
  • Post category:News

Restaurant owners and operators across the state feel like they have been left out of the conversation when it comes to protections and considerations from the Governor and her public health safety orders. A spokesman for the Governor’s Office wrote in a statement that an “open line of communication” exists with the [New Mexico Restaurant] association and discussions have taken place “since the outset of the implementation of pandemic-related restrictions.” But the community of food and beverage purveyors in NM says that hasn’t been the case. Slipshod closures from the Governor with little or no warning have put a massive strain on the fragile industry that employs nearly 75,000 New Mexicans. The sudden openings and closures for these businesses have ended up costing restaurants thousands in food going unused and cancelled supply orders, not to mention the strain of continually working with employees that are hired only to be furloughed again weeks later. 

The state has around 3,300 restaurants and 200 of them have already shut their doors for good as a result of the pandemic and it’s impact on business. Without a lifeline soon the community of NM restaurants is expecting more to follow suit, ceasing operations and letting their staff go. When asked by the Greater Santa Fe Restaurant Association if the Governor would consider “inviting one or two of these long-standing Santa Fe restaurant owners and operators to participate in your team of advisors” they were told in an email that Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham was “a bit reluctant to change the makeup of the Economic Recovery Council at this stage.” Read more HERE.