NM Supreme Court, Jobs & Unemployment Data

  • Post published:October 26, 2015
  • Post category:Issues

Judith Nakumura, of the 2nd Judicial District, has a background rich in experience and is an excellent choice to take Bosson’s place. Nakumura is known for fighting delays and other dysfunction in the court system. She was elected Chief Metro Court Judge four times, which is further indication of her level of competence and the respect she has earned from her colleagues.

Also an option for the Governor to appoint and someone familiar to the NMBC is Gary Clingman of the 5th Judicial District, in Lovington. He has been a district judge for 19 years and is ready, willing and very capable to take on the role of Supreme Court Judge.

Whoever is appointed to the seat will have to be approved by voters in the 2016 election to retain the position. Read more here.

Jobs AND Unemployment Increased? NM added 7600 jobs while unemployment simultaneously increased. This is an unusual anomaly that doesn’t have an immediate answer. Read more here.

NM Business Success Stories: With so many news stories providing discouraging stats about New Mexico’s economy, it is uplifting when a publication focuses on economic success stories. The Albuquerque Journal recently put out the “New Mexico Private 100” that highlights local companies who are making a difference in the state business environment. Read more here.

2016 Election Watch: Representative Stephanie Maez, D-21, resigned last week. The Bernalillo County Commission will appoint someone to fill her seat. Read more here.

Last week, Rep Jeff Steinborn, D-35, announced he would run for State Senate in 2016. He is slated to oppose incumbent Senator Lee Cotter for Senate District 36. Both candidates would need to win their party’s nomination. Read more here.

NM Secretary of State, Dianna Duran Resigns: Friday, the NM Secretary of State Dianna J. Duran, resigned and plead guilty to felony and misdemeanor charges brought forward relating improper use and reporting of campaign funds. Governor Martinez will appoint a replacement for Duran and is currently seeking recommendations for someone who would serve until the 2016 election. Read more here.

Watch For Scams: Whether you have started on your holiday shopping early or not, anyone who uses the internet must be on alert for recent scams. Thieves and hackers are always creating new ways to steal your information and to sabotage your computer. Read some of the latest scams and ways to avoid them here.

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