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NM wins in “Golden Age of Streaming”

  • Post published:December 19, 2019
  • Post category:News

Since partnering with the state over a year ago, Netflix says it’s on track to meet spending and local employment benchmarks as promised, with more growth to come. The company partnered with the state and the city of Albuquerque in purchasing a studio complex on the city’s southern edge, pledging to invest $1 billion in production in the state over the next decade. Additionally, a substantial increase in the amount of Netflix projects over the coming year will mean a boost to its local production hub in NM – as well as the New Mexican businesses and individuals who support it.

 “A year ago you could say all the major studios – take Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, Fox, all of them combined – would do about 300 or 400 projects a year. This year, we will do 1,000 projects, just Netflix,” Said Nick Maniatis, former director of the NM film office.

The list of film and movie production companies in New Mexico will soon include NBC Universal who is in midst of turning a warehouse near downtown Albuquerque into a state-of-the art television and film studio. NBC Universal has committed to spending $500 million on productions in the state over the next decade. Read more HERE.