NMBC ‘Scary’ to Progressive?

FACTS: 1) The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) is not and never has been funded by the Koch Brothers.
2) The NMBC is nonpartisan and pro-business. It doesn’t go far in either direction; it simply seeks to educate NM voters of the value of being a pro-business state served by pro-business elected officials.
3) We DO understand why this would be scary to Begaye. After reviewing this plea for funds along with her Facebook page, it is obvious that she has nothing to offer her constituents but false information and smear tactics.

New Mexico voters deserve better. Stick to the facts and tell your constituents what you can do for them. If you have nothing to offer your constituents, there probably isn’t a need for you to seek elected office.

REMINDER: Early voting is underway across the state. Election Day is this Tuesday, June 3! Get the facts, vote now or plan to vote on June 3rd!

Please contact the NMBC at (505) 836-4223 or nmbiz@nmbizcoalition.org with any questions or comments.