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NMBC Survey Says – Let’s get to work!

  • Post published:January 23, 2017
  • Post category:Issues

We are already closing our business, partially as a result of increased regulations. We pay above the current minimum wage, but we could not afford $15 per hour.” “At $10.00 we would be forced to downsize or close.” “I have a location based business, labor dependent, above $10.00 we would look to more automation.” (For the full list of survey responses on minimum wage, click here).

The survey also invoked a lot of responses about where NMBC should focus its efforts. In general the consensus was that NMBC should focus on, “…reduction of the regulatory burden…” Here is one comment in particular: “NMBC should concentrate their resources, like a laser beam, on the business climate of the State to stimulate growth.” Click here, for the full list of responses about where NMBC should focus our efforts.

The complete NMBC Pre-Session Survey can be viewed here.

We appreciate all of you who took the time to respond and give us thoughtful comments. NMBC will be working each day of the 2017 Session and will keep you posted on the status of important legislation.

NMBC Legislative Heroes and Zeroes:

As we have done in the past, NMBC will let voters know about heroic legislators who work to improve a free-market environment in which all businesses can flourish, provide jobs and improve the quality of life for all New Mexicans. We will also let you know about efforts to grow government dependence, limit opportunities and do ZERO good for hard working New Mexicans. Here’s an important note: NMBC does not label individuals as “Zeros”, but we will not hesitate to talk about legislation some elected officials support as a “Zero” if it continues the cycle of poverty in New Mexico that has been accepted for too long.

That said, here is first installment of New Mexico Business Coalition’s 2017 Legislative HEROES and ZEROS:

HEROES – standing firm to protect our children: Why does the NMBC fight to maintain our permanent funds? Because we care about our children’s education and the opportunities for their future! NMBC and some legislators worked hard to oppose efforts during the last two sessions to pass constitutional amendments (CA’s) that would raid one or more of New Mexico’s permanent funds. The GOOD NEWS for our children is we stopped these dangerous CA’s, allowing New Mexico’s permanent funds to generate over one billion dollars in just the last two years for the state and our children’s education! But there is some bad news too…

A Legislative ZERO – More attacks on the Land Grant Permanent Fund: Three CA’s have already been introduced (so far), HJR1, Permanent Funds For Early Childhood, sponsored by Rep Moe Maestas and Javier Martinez, HJR 2, Land Grant Fund for Economic Stimulus, sponsored by Rep Bill McCamley, and SJR3, Permanent Funds for Early Childhood, sponsored by Sen Michael Padilla

Here is NMBC’s position on these CA’s that will be delivered in Santa Fe by NMBC President Carla Sonntag, “What New Mexico desperately needs is accountability for the funds currently being spent. No more blank checks and wasting our children’s future – we want accountability.”

Need one more reason to make sure you stay tuned in to NMBC email? In addition to Heroes and Zeroes updates, NMBC provides an easy ‘One Touch’ email platform allowing New Mexicans to easily communicate with legislators on important bills as they come up for a vote over the course of the 60-day session.

Don’t hesitate to call our office at (505) 836-4223 pr email us at if you have questions, comments or want more information about NMBC.