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One School-Board’s ‘Shell Game’

  • Post published:October 20, 2023
  • Post category:News

We’ve expanded our Voter Education over the years, to also include ballot issues that will affect New Mexicans. This year, one school district in northern New Mexico is asking for more taxpayer funding,  just like they have in year’s past through property tax levy’s. 

In 2019, the district asked voters to approve a measure that would give them $600 million taxpayer dollars over six years. Voter’s approved.

In 2021, the district asked local voters to approve another measure, with increased numbers from the property tax levy’s than the previous measure. The measure would give $700 million more taxpayer dollars. Voter’s approved. Both measures are in effect and are making the district lots of money.

Jump to 2023, the district is asking for more money again to fund various projects and acquire new properties. This might sound good because it has to do with schools, but the data and history with property tax levy’s and this district don’t add up. NMBC recommends local voters to finally say no to this measure.

Which district is in question and if voter’s don’t approve this effort next month, what will happen? Read our analysis here.

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