Permanent Fund Heroes and Zeros

  • Post published:January 25, 2016
  • Post category:Issues

Given the millions in increased funding over the past ten years, more money is obviously not the answer — but how we spend it may be. If we invested in competitive teachers’ salaries and quality educational materials for our children rather than special interest groups, we may see our children become New Mexico’s future entrepreneurs and workforce.

What New Mexicans desperately need is accountability for the funds currently being spent. Read more in an Op-Ed by NMBC President and Founder, Carla Sonntag.

Stop Raiding the Permanent Fund – Demand Accountability – Protect our Kids: Here is a video for all legislators and New Mexicans about changing the narrative, demanding accountability and protecting our children’s future: See the short video HERE.

LGPF Heroes: Land Grant Permanent Fund Heroes will be those who work to preserve the LGPF. Read more HERE.

LGPF Zeroes: Here are the bills introduced so far that aim to deplete the Permanent Fund:

HJR 10, Permanent Funds for Early Childhood, CA, Reps Maestas and J. Martinez

SJR 2, Permanent Funds for Early Childhood Education, CA, Senator Michael Padilla

SJR 3, Permanent Fund Annual Distributions, CA, Senator Michael Padilla

If passed, each of these CA’s would increase the amount of money taken from the State Land Grant Permanent Fund, putting the corpus of the fund at risk and hurt our children’s future. Millions of dollars have already been taken from the permanent fund for childhood education programs with no accountability for improving the education of our children. More money for failing programs is not the answer.

NMBC will keep you up to date on Permanent Fund legislation as the 2016 Session goes forward.

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