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Power Patriots of New Mexico

A POWER PATRIOT is a New Mexican committed to advancing:


Limited Government

Fiscal Responsibility

Free Market Economy

The POWER PATRIOT’S initiative is open to anyone volunteering their time according to the above principles and ideals. To incentivize and reward this work, a point system has been devised which allows participants to earn Power Points for approved activities such as, but not limited to: attending a government hearing/meeting, having an editorial letter published, or canvassing/phone banking for a candidate who subscribes to these principles. Read more about the POWER PATRIOT program HERE.

In order to become a POWER PATRIOT, you must complete an application. Download the application HERE. Once approved, you will receive a packet with details on how to report your volunteer activity for POWER POINTS.

As this is a new program offered to New Mexicans, every individual who has been accepted into the program will be recognized at the New Mexico Business Coalition’s Annual Heroes Banquet held on November 16 in Albuquerque. The top three winners will receive rewards provided by New Mexico Business Coalition.

For more information or to submit an application, contact Julie M. Wright, NMBC Power Patriot Program Manager, (505) 720-4883,