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Ronchetti Shows Up, but Where’s MLG?

  • Post published:August 23, 2022
  • Post category:News

On August 22nd, 2022, a gubernatorial business leader forum was held at the Marriott hotel by the NAIOP. The forum was organized specifically to address business leaders from all over the Albuquerque area and over 375 small business owners, organization leaders, and many more attended this event. 

Originally, many business leaders were expecting answers when it came to how the governor handled COVID, how she plans to take care of their businesses if elected, over the next 4 years, or at the very least see that the governor cared for “the little guy,” but Michelle Lujan Gisham (MLG) was no where to be seen at the forum. Governor candidate, Mark Ronchetti, poked fun at her absence by mounting a poster of the governor on a stand, but was quickly taken down by those organizing the event.

MLG’s absence confused many business owners, causing them to have doubts and reservations about the governor. NMBC President, Carla Sonntag, was at the event stating, “It certainly weighs on me that a candidate doesn’t care enough to show up when given the invitation, and that invitation was extended several months ago.” 

Mark Ronchetti showed up to the event, spoke to many questions and concerns that business leaders had, and could reap the benefits of showing up to this event in November; only time will tell. Oppositely, MLG will also reap from not attending the forum this past Monday; more than likely what is reaped will not be spectacular, only Election Day results will tell.

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