Roundhouse: Do Your Job!

The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) listed our top priorities in this 30 day session as: #1) Protect the Permanent Fund, and #2) Don’t Legislate Non-Constitutional issues by Constitutional Amendment.

A total of 34 Constitutional Amendments are being proposed during this 30 day session. Legislators need to do the job they were elected to do and not try to run the state through Constitutional Amendments. Read More HERE from the Albuquerque Journal.

CALL TO ACTION, OPPOSE HJR 9 ANNUALLY INCREASING MINIMUM WAGE, CA: This resolution, sponsored by Rep Miguel P. Garcia (D), will hurt our economy, force more businesses to close and make it harder for unemployed New Mexicans to find jobs. This CA is an attempt to avoid the normal legislative process (mentioned above).

The HOUSE VOTERS AND ELECTIONS COMMITTEE (HVEC) will meet TUESDAY, 2-11-14, at 9:00 am on HJR 9.

The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) opposes HJR 9 and encourages New Mexicans to contact all members of the House Voters and Elections Committee and ask them to VOTE NO on HJR 9.


GET YOUR PASSPORTS READY NEW MEXICO: On Saturday the Democratic members of the House Labor and Human Resources Committee (HLC) effectively killed HB 127, TWO-TIERED DRIVER’S LICENSE SYSTEM. The sponsor, Rep Paul A. Pacheco, said this bill was about public safety and would have brought NM Driver’s Licenses into compliance with the federal REAL ID Act. However, opponents of the bill chose to put the interests of a small group of people over what is best for all New Mexicans. Reps Ken Martinez, Rick Miera, Sheryl Williams-Stapleton, and Miguel Garcia all voted to table the bill.

Because of inaction by the majority party in Santa Fe to fix problems associated with giving Drivers Licenses to illegal immigrants, the Department of Homeland Security has said that NM licenses will no longer be valid in many cases beginning in October of this year. At that point, for example, New Mexicans will need a Passport if they want to board a plane. Read more HERE from NM Watchdog.

Register for the BASH (Business and Social Hour): Join us on March 6, 2014, from 4:30 to 6:30 pm at the Albuquerque Country Club to hear keynote speaker Lt. Gov John Sanchez. Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door.

Thank you to our BASH Sponsor: NM American Fire and Sprinkler Association (More sponsorship opportunities are available! Your name/logo could be here! Contact the NMBC for more information.)