San Juan County Local Election Information

The San Juan County local election will be held on November 5th. For specifics on everything covered in the election, please view this San Juan County document HERE.

The NMBC has information regarding the candidates running for the school boards that are up for election this cycle, namely:

  • Aztec School Board
  • Bloomfield School Board
  • Central Consolidated School Board
  • Farmington School Board
  • San Juan College School Board

In addition, we have some information about the candidates running for supervisor positions within the San Juan Soil & Water Conservation District.

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In San Juan County, School Board elections are occurring alongside Soil & Water Conservation District elections this year. The elections are nonpartisan and there are no primaries. The list below are candidates who are running for School Board positions and Soil & Water Conservation positions. The candidates whose names are highlighted are individuals that are known (in general) to favor pro-business, limited government policy that is aligned with NMBC objectives.

Some of the candidates below are particularly well known to New Mexico Business Coalition:

  • State Rep. Paul Bandy, who is running for Aztec School Board Position 2,
  • Sharon Clahchischilliage (former State Rep.), who is running for Central Consolidated School Board District 2,
  • and Kyle Rhodes (prominent area businessman and community advocate), who is running for Farmington School Board District 4.

Aztec School Board

Position 2

Paul Bandy

Ryan Frost

Tamie Hemmingson

Position 4

Laci Phillips

Position 5

Roger Collins

Linda Reynolds

Bloomfield School Board

District 1

Steven Gunn

District 3

Dale Maes

Central Consolidated School Board

District 2

Hoskie Benally, Jr.

Sharon Clahchischilliage

Jonnye Begay

Gary Montoya

Rose Nofchissey

District 3

Jonathan Tso

Matthew Tso

Cheryl George

Charlie Jones

District 5

Suzette Jean Haskie

Kerby Johnson

Farmington School Board

District 1

Stephanie Thompson

District 4

Kyle Rhodes

Andrea Turman

District 5

Rick Quevedo

Joan Vallee

San Juan College School Board

District 4

Joseph Rasor

District 6

Richard Chance

Aaron Favaloro

Mary Larue

Tracey Taylor

District 7

Valerie Uselman

Olena Erickson

Peter Deswood

Jennifer Quevedo

San Juan Soil & Water Conservation District

District 1

Deanne McKee

District 2

Cash Carruth

District 5

Emma Deyo

Catherine Thomas-Kemp