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Senate Public Affairs committee tabled SB 179 Employee Preference Act

  • Post published:February 7, 2018
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So what are they worried about? RTW legislation only provides a choice for employees about whether or not they join and/or pay dues to the union. It does not prevent union organizing nor does it prevent union operations.

Union reps also claim they would be harmed by freeloaders who get the benefit of union representation in contract negotiations as well as representation in disputes, but that they do not have to pay for those benefits.

That’s simply not true.

The unions in New Mexico choose to make that an issue by being an ‘exclusive’ bargaining unit. That places the union under the purview of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and requires representation of all employees in that union. If unions don’t want to cover the so-called ‘free loaders’, all they have to do is become a ‘members only’ bargaining unit. Then, they represent only those people who pay to be members of the unit.

It’s simple. It’s factual. It’s an easy resolution.

There are 28 RTW states. New Mexico needs to get its act together and become the next sate to embrace change that can make a difference!

Thank you to Senator Ingle for carrying the legislation and for his vote along with Senator Gould in support of the bill in committee.

HB 169 Employee Preference Act, Reps Scott and Townsend will be heard in House Labor and Economic Development Committee today at 1:30 pm.