Seriously, Rep. Maestas?

  • Post published:October 29, 2014
  • Post category:Issues

Setting the Record Straight on NM House District 16: Recent information put out by Rep Maestas, claims his opponent, Johnny Luevano, “committed voter fraud and was removed from the ballot two years ago for lying under oath.” Maestas goes on to allege Luevano “…is the real voter fraud deal… a fraud who lied under oath.”

Rep Maestas’ allegations that Johnny Luevano committed voter fraud and lied under oath are FALSE. In 2012, Rep Maestas, an attorney, filed suit against Johnny Luevano to have him removed from the ballot as a candidate for NM House District 16 because residency requirements were in question. Rep Maestas prevailed in that case and Luevano was removed from the ballot because, Luevano’s home, which was under construction, was not completed in time for Luevano to meet the residency requirements.

The ruling: Judge Malott ruled in the case stating, “I want to be clear, that there is no evidence whatsoever that Mr. Luevano acted with an improper intent, that he planned to fool anyone or fraudulently state his residence, or in any other way acted improperly.” The judge also stated that, in reference to statute 1-20-9 dealing with “Falsifying Election Documents,” “…there is absolutely nothing that has been presented to this Court, either in writing, or in today’s hearing that in any way indicates Mr. Luevano acted with anything but the best of intent and with the best of motives. And therefore, I find that he did not violate 1-20-9.” FACT CHECK: 2nd Judicial District, Case #D-202-CV-2012-3148, Transcript of Alan M. Malott’s Ruling.

Rep Maestas knows the Judge specifically ruled Johnny Luevano did not act with improper intent or falsify election documents. At a public forum in September, Rep Maestas acknowledged this fact while publicly speaking to Luevano regarding the residency issue, “Through no fault of yours, the house wasn’t built in time and your heart is in the right place, you had no intention of violating any rules or any laws.” Maestas also stated, “No, you didn’t do anything wrong, you didn’t do anything wrong. Your heart’s in the right place.”

Why is Rep Maestas now publicly saying Luevano committed voter fraud and lied under oath?


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