Session Heroes

The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) continues its series of 2013 Legislation session Heroes and noteworthy people. These are people who are pro-business and willing to do something extra to support business and job opportunities for the good of all who live in New Mexico.

(Please note: There are many good, pro-business legislators and lots of noteworthy activity. Our Heroes series will not cover every legislator or noteworthy piece of legislation; it is meant only to provide highlights and hope to the masses that New Mexico does have elected officials who understand the importance of business and job creation in our state. To all legislators who consistently vote for business, NMBC salutes you!).

Senator George Munoz introduced SB 277 Single Sales and Reduce Corporate Sales Tax. This bill became part of the larger bill on jobs and taxes that passed the legislature in the final minutes before adjournment. It provided for use of a single sales factor which allows manufacturers to base their income taxes entirely on their New Mexico sales with no threshold to qualify. The second part of the bill provided for a reduced corporate income tax over time. Both elements were needed to make New Mexico more competitive with its neighboring states.

Senator Mark Moores introduced SB 465 Reduce WC Payment for Drug Use. This bill would allow judges to reduce the amount of Workers Compensation benefits to an injured worker by the same percentage of impairment caused by the use of drugs or alcohol. The NMBC strongly supported this bill and reported on it during the session. This was a companion bill to Rep Dennis Roch (HB 139).

Both bills were tabled, SB 465 in Senate Judiciary and HB 139 in House Labor. Neither bill was tabled because there was a problem with the bill; they were tabled by the majority members who were sympathetic to union grievances on an unrelated matter.

Senator Sander Rue introduced SB 533 and co-sponsored HB 571 with Rep Cathrynn Brown, DFA Cost-Benefit Analysis of Agency Rules. These bills, supported by the NMBC, would require an analysis of the cost and benefit of rules being considered for implementation as well as a look-back feature to revisit rules once they have been in place for a period of time.

Neither bill passed the legislature. While this is a new concept that may need more work, it is something very much needed in New Mexico. We are hopeful that we will see this type of legislation pass in the future.

Senators Munoz, Moores and Rue will be attending the BASH on Thursday, 4/11/13. We encourage you to talk with them about business needs and job creation.

The 2013 Post Legislative Bash is April 11. Bernalillo County Commissioner Wayne Johnson will talk about Bernalillo County’s upcoming vote on the minimum wage as well as his thoughts on raising the GRT. Robert Aragon, longtime business owner and attorney, will talk about key issues in the state.

You don’t want to miss the fun and inside scoop on how other elected officials performed during the 2013 legislative session, April 11, 4:30 – 6:30 pm, at the Albuquerque Country Club, 601 Laguna Blvd SW. Light appetizers provided; cash bar available.

Here are some of the elected officials who will be attending the BASH:
Senator Mark Moores
Senator George Munoz
Senator Sander Rue
Senator Lisa Torraco
Representative Tom Anderson
Representative Kelly Fajardo
Representative Jimmie Hall
Representative Yvette Herrell
Representative Sandra Jeff
Representative Paul Pacheco
Representative James Smith
Representative Monica Younglood
Bernalillo County Commissioner Wayne Johnson

Aragon Law Firm, PC – Robert Aragon
NM American Fire and Sprinkler Association – David Wilson
Americans for Prosperity -AFP

Please join us as we work to make New Mexico a properous place for businesses and individuals!