Setting the Record Straight

The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) sent letters to all city councilors and also wrote about this issue several weeks ago. The next step will be to remind voters what their city councilor did when s/he seeks re-election. Voters didn’t get a say on the tax increase, but they will have the final word on who represents them. Read more about the tax increase here.

Setting the Record Straight: We understand that most of the candidates are in their races to win them. However, NMBC, along with many voters, is saddened by the fact that some candidates feel it is necessary to try and destroy their opponents personally and/or professionally with statements that are misleading, untruthful, or unverifiable in order to win an election.

Click Here for some tips on determining if information you are receiving is true and accurate:

A recent example comes from the City of Albuquerque Council race in which the candidate running against Councilor Janice Arnold Jones has mailed a flier to voters that is completely FALSE. The flier says that Councilor Jones is responsible for some economy related issues and cites television and printed sources to back up the claim. The TRUTH is, all of the issues and ‘headlines’ in the flier occurred during the summer of 2012 and Janice Arnold Jones wasn’t appointed to the Albuquerque City Council until April of 2013.

The NMBC encourages voters to look for the best qualified and HONEST candidates. If a candidate for office is willing to mislead the public with false information to get a vote, you can expect even worse behavior if they are elected.

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