Setting the Record Straight – Conrad James

  • Post published:October 6, 2014
  • Post category:Issues

Representative Candidate Conrad James – Falsely Attacked by Progressive Environmental Group: The NMBC received several mail pieces that are attacking Conrad James, who is a former State Representative and candidate for Representative this year in HD 24. The mailers are not even from his opponent. They are paid for by a progressive environmental group, Conservation Voters New Mexico via their Political Action Committee (PAC) Verde Voters. The fliers make claims like “Conrad James: Bought by special interests,” and “Polluters pull Conrad James’ strings.” The amazing thing is these outrageous allegations go on and on without any reference or fact check! And, when some fact checks are finally provided, Verde Voters reference legislative bills from the 2013 session – when Conrad James was NOT serving as a legislator!

Candidates and PACs or groups acting on their behalf need to be honest with the public. Candidates and others putting out voter information need to remember: Tell the truth or the NMBC will tell it for you. In the case of Conservation Voters and Verde Voters PAC New Mexico, voters can easily see that the mailers and political ads they put out are baseless and unverifiable at best. This type of voter MIS-information deserves to be trashed, not trusted.

The NMBC has some great tips for voters to help determine if campaign material they received is truthful – Read More HERE.

With just weeks before the November 4 general election, you can help the NMBC fight against untruthful, vicious attacks by progressive special interest groups against pro-business elected officials and candidates. JOIN US today and get in the fight!