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Setting the Record Straight – Hitting Some New Lows

  • Post published:October 24, 2016
  • Post category:Issues

Legislators – including Republicans – did not vote against hiring more police officers. In addition, Hall doesn’t have a voting record in Santa Fe so we don’t know how she will vote. There are two things, however, that we do know: 1) According to the NMBC survey Hall completed, she has a pro-market, job-creator philosophy; and 2) We know how Elizabeth Thomson votes – in lock step with those colleagues who are against a healthy market, job creation approach to legislation.

It’s probably better not to accuse someone of how you think they’ll vote when your own voting record is documented and known to be detrimental to New Mexico’s economy and job creation.

There is more of the same guilt by association in the mailer that John Sapien did against Diego Espinoza – tying him to Jay McCleskey. We haven’t seen evidence of ties in that regard, but we do have information on two other allegations in the same mailer:

  1. Link to email hacking: This accusation resulted in a defamation lawsuit filed by Espinoza against the claimant, which indicates a strong belief in his innocence. In addition, the suit was subsequently dismissed with prejudice.
  2. Espinoza was also accused of voter fraud based on residency from the last “Albuquerque” bond election. That’s just not the case. It wasn’t an “Albuquerque” bond election – it was the CNM bond issue, which NMBC wrote about extensively. Espinoza lives in Sandoval County, which has a CNM facility and had a right to vote.