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Setting the Record Straight

  • Post published:June 6, 2016
  • Post category:Issues

In the Republican primary for House District 32, that is exactly what is happening. While both candidates appear qualified for the job, the supporters of Scott Chandler’s opponent are systematically trying to destroy the character of a man who is an integral and longtime member of that community.

Accusations – true or false – can be made against any person for any reason. It is then up to that person to defend themselves. During campaigns, it has become open season using accusations against a candidate without regard to the disposition of the claims.

While it’s unclear exactly what happened in the claims and counterclaims with Scott Chandler and the Tierra Blanca Ranch, listen to the testimony of a young man who says the Chandlers and the Ranch changed his life. Because of his experience at the Ranch, Sean got on a path that led to a PhD in Chemistry from Notre Dame. Listen to the tape here.

More importantly, the attack ads against Chandler and the Ranch indicate serious issues and yet, New Mexico’s Children, Youth and Families Division (CYFD) continue to place troubled teens at the Ranch. If the attack ads were true, would the state continue to place children there? If it did place children in a dangerous situation, New Mexico would see the federal government take quick action.

These attacks make this campaign unnecessarily horrible for the people of this community. The voters in House District 32 deserve to hear the truth in order to make an informed decision about what’s best for their community, not what’s best for special interest groups.

It takes leadership to do the right thing and integrity to stick to the facts. We encourage voters to carefully consider the facts and the source of attacks because they will often tell the most important part of a campaign.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 7, the choice is yours. Please vote!