Setting the Record Straight

  • Post published:March 24, 2015
  • Post category:Issues

We listened to the archived video of the hearing and found two votes recorded incorrectly. Rep David Adkins voted against the tabling motion and Rep Eliseo Alcon voted ‘Yes’ to table the bill. Our thanks to Rep Adkins for pointing out the error in an email earlier today.

Here is the complete and accurate vote according to the video of the committee hearing:

Voting ‘No’ to table HB 291/a: Reps David Adkins, Cathrynn Brown, Zachary Cook and Jim Dines.

Voting ‘Yes’ to table HB 291/a: Reps Eliseo Alcon, Gail Chasey, Brian Egolf, Georgene Louis, Antonio Maestas, W. Ken Martinez, Terry McMillan, and Paul Pacheco.