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Some positive action by new City of Albuquerque Councilors

  • Post published:February 14, 2022
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New Mexico Business Coalition is pleased to let Albuquerque area residents know about some new bold action taking place in the Albuquerque City Council. But don’t just clap your hands and think you’re done. These ‘bold’ actions need support in order to pass the committee and full Council voting process. Below are the new proposals and below that is information on how you can help:

0-22-1 (Lewis) Repeals 2018 Council Bill No. 0-18-9 which imposed a 3/8 percent gross receipts tax  (Sponsored by Councilor Lewis)

·         Scheduled to be heard at FGO Committee meeting Feb 14, 3pm

·         Committee Sub rescinds 1/8 of a percent of the tax

·         Reduces GRT tax by $20 million dollars annually

·         Designates remaining ¼ cent tax to public safety ($29 million) and homelessness ($18 million) with a 5-year sunset

0-22-2 (Lewis) Updating the Civil Emergency Powers Ordinance relating to public health orders

·         Scheduled for Finance Committee Feb 14, 3pm

·         Removes the mayor’s ability to order shutting down city streets, mass assemblies such as churches, closing of private businesses, and other declarations related to public health emergencies.

·         Gives the mayor the ability to advise and make recommendations but not orders.


R-22-2 (Lewis) Amending the Declaration of Local Emergency due to
Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 to ban vaccine requirements for city employees;
setting policy for future declarations

·     Scheduled for Finance CommitteeFeb 14, 3pm

·    Prohibits the city from mandating COVID-19 vaccines to city employees

0-22-3 (Bassan) Repealing 2019 Council Bill No. 0-19-48 which
banned the use of plastic single-use carryout bags

·   Scheduled to be heard at FGO Committee meeting Feb 14, 3pm

·   Eliminates the ban on plastic single-use bags

R-22-1 (Lewis) Assess and reopen the court approved settlement
agreement between CABQ and the DOJ to consider recent AG guidance

·   Scheduled to be heard at the next Public Safety committee

·   Encourages a new agreement that sets an end date and caps spending to the monitor

·  Actual costs related to the DOJ CASA total nearly $25 million



0-22-8 (Bassan, Jones, Lewis, Grout) Rescinds 2019 Council Bil0-21-80 which required the use of project labor agreements on certain public works projects in the city of Albuquerque

·     Scheduled for second FGO meeting in February

·     Repeals the bill that limits projects over $10 million to only union labor

·    Union labor makes up 14% of the workforce in New Mexico

Here’s how you can help:

1. Email your city councilors or get phone numbers HERE.

D1 Sanchez
D2 Benton
D3 Pena
D4 Bassan
D5 Lewis
D6 Davis
D7 Fiebelkorn
D8 Jones
D9 Grout

2. Participate in public comment at upcoming

Council committee meetings and full council meetings


3. Write letters to the editor


Read bills and check status here: