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NMBC Asked: Some say Bravo; Some say B.S.

  • Post published:March 14, 2017
  • Post category:Issues

In response, we’ll take that and agree that NMBC’s position against higher mandated wages is based on ‘Business Sense.’

We don’t open dialogue for only those who agree with NMBC positions, but rather to allow you to weigh in on important issues, regardless of your view. While we welcome your feedback any time – for or against NMBC positions – we sometimes seek more detailed dialogue.

Below is some of the thoughtful feedback we received:

“New Mexico suffers from a lack of skilled workers which is one of the reasons it does not attract businesses to the State. Raising wage minimum, while it helps in the short run with a few extra dollars, does not solve the skills problem nor does it encourage an upward mobility.”

“New Mexicans have to get serious about educating its youth and preparing them for jobs that are meaningful and provide a living wage. Raising the minimum wage is a political feel good maneuver – it does not solve the deep rooted problem of the State’s high school dropout rate, lack of vocational high schools, teen pregnancy, and drugs to name a few.”

“When a person owns a business, they understand why a minimum wage is destructive to any economy. It is a hold over from the time that price controls were put into effect to fix the economy. It didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now. Because it doesn’t work and harms small businesses, the fact that it still exists tells me that it is a tool being used by politicians to stay in office.”

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