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SOS, UI Taxes & NM Land Grab

  • Post published:September 2, 2015
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The charges include: embezzlement, fraud, filing false campaign reports, conspiracy to commit a felony and money laundering. The alleged activity by the NM SOS, if proven to be true, reflect behavior no one wants to see from a public official. Duran’s attorney, Erlinda Johnson, told the Albuqueque Journal, “Let there be no doubt that Ms. Duran will plead not guilty to the attorney general’s sensational and misleading charges and will vigorously fight this selective prosecution.” More information on this issue HERE and HERE.

Tax Burden for NM Businesses Hampered by Above Average Unemployment Insurance (UI) Tax: A recent report by Tax Foundation ranks New Mexico in the middle of all states nationwide in regards to a business’s tax burden. It shows that NM property taxes are comparatively low, but they are being offset by UI and gross receipts taxes.

The NMBC worked on legislation during the 2015 session that would have helped address the very high UI tax burden on NM businesses. New rates, which went into effect on January 1st, never addressed benefits, which in some instances are among the highest in the nation. This meant extraordinarily high rates for some businesses, which are now being forced to leave open positions unfilled or consider shutting down. Neither option bodes well for NM employment. While lowering benefits isn’t easy, not having employment opportunities is even worse. Read more HERE.

Another Federal Land Grab Attempt: Mayor Berry recently asked the U.S. Forest Service to not designate the land adjacent to the Elena Gallegos Open Space as a National Wilderness. The way the revision plan stands now, it would restrict bike access to Elena Gallegos Open Space, which is a popular place for cyclists.

In a letter sent to Elaine Kohrman, the Forest Supervisor of the Cibola National Forest and Nation Grasslands, Mayor Berry stated, “Recreational use and public enjoyment of these areas contribute significantly to the quality of life for our city’s residents. As the U.S. Forest Service considers potential areas for wilderness designation, I respectfully urge you to remove lands from consideration that fall north of I-40 and east of Tramway in the Sandia foothills.” Read Mayor Berry’s press release HERE.

Burger Flipping Robots? The restaurant industry has not been quiet about it: raising the minimum wage will result in more cost saving technology and fewer employees. McDonald’s has already begun to include order kiosks in many of its restaurants – reducing the need for many employees taking orders.

The NMBC supports free market determination of wages and reminds voters that ‘minimum wage’ was never meant to be a ‘living wage’. Mandated raises for entry level, hourly jobs will force employers like McDonalds and others to reduce the number of jobs available. Read more HERE.

The NMBC exists for people like YOU who are in every walk of life – business owner, employee, retired. Join us today to help make New Mexico a business friendly state.