Speaking of Accountability and Integrity…

  • Post published:April 21, 2015
  • Post category:Issues

As a non-partisan organization, the NMBC will remain independent. We will always seek the truth and support pro-business elected officials, assisting when we can on good policy and legislation. We will also hold elected officials accountable by providing accurate, timely information to voters. Ultimately it is the voter who selects the elected official who will represent their interests; the NMBC provides the verifiable facts that help them make an informed decision. For those elected officials who have the state’s best interest at heart, accountability should serve to strengthen their standing with constituents.

Special Session: Do we need one? Yes, if the majority in both chambers can agree on capital outlay and any other issue they believe is critical – before they convene in a special session. We don’t need a $50,000/day cost for continued political wrangling.

What’s the biggest dividing issue and how is it going to be resolved? The issue discussed most often and which has the biggest difference between the chambers is how the state will pay for much needed road construction.

Will road construction be paid for through increased debt or increased taxes? Here’s a thought . . . why don’t we run our state government the way a successful business is managed. Let’s cut unnecessary waste, trim excessive spending and use taxpayer money for which it was intended . . to fund necessities for the common good like roads. It IS possible to live within our means and not continue to run up debt OR increase taxes. Let’s give it a try!

Southwest Business Summit: Join the NMBC, influential national and New Mexican groups, business advocates and community leaders at the Southwest Business Summit on May 18 and 19. This 2 day event, hosted by The Libre Institute, will take place in Albuquerque and features NMBC President Carla Sonntag, along with other national and regional distinguished panelists. Topics will include: energy, international trade, the effect of government regulation on business, and unique opportunities and challenges that impact all businesses in the Southwest.

New Law will put voter services online: Senate Bill 643, Voter Registration Requirements, Sponsored by Senator Toracco, was signed by the Governor earlier this month. The bill will allow New Mexico voters to update their addresses and other important information online. Read more HERE.

CEO Reduces His Own Salary to Raise Employee’s: A Seattle CEO made national news when he announced he would raise the company-wide minimum wage to $70,000 annually. Read more HERE.