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SpinLaunch continues to expand at spaceport with aid from LEDA funding

  • Post published:December 16, 2020
  • Post category:News

California based SpinLaunch Inc. is expanding its footprint at Spaceport America hear Hatch, in southern New Mexico. After building a $7 million, 10,000-square-foot facility at the Spaceport last year, the company is doubling down on it’s New Mexico investment. SpinLaunch Inc. has announced it will conduct all future testing for it’s tech at Spaceport America and has agreed to hire 59 people and invest another $46 million over 10 years. The state Economic Development Department will support the expansion with $4 million in Local Economic Development Act funding, said EDD Secretary Alicia J. Keyes.

The disbursement of those LEDA funds is subject to SpinLaunch Inc. meeting targets for employment and investment in the state. The funding will be delivered in four stages: the first $1 million will be released when SpinLaunch receives a certificate of occupancy for the building it already constructed onsite, the second round will come after SpinLaunch conducts its first rocket test and hires 30 new employees. The third payment will open up at 40 new hires, and final payment when it reaches 56 new employees. LEDA funds are helpful of the state for bringing companies to New Mexico and creating more jobs. NMBC is glad to see the NM EDD setting clear goals for the companies using these funds and making investments in New Mexican industries. 

SpinLaunch is developing a unique centrifuge system that rapidly spins a rocket around on the ground until it reaches hypersonic speeds. It then releases the vehicle like a catapult to hurl it to the edge of space. The company says its technology could radically cut expenses for satellite launches, while providing a more environmentally friendly method to reach space without rocket emissions. Click HERE to read more.