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State Supreme Court hears case for business lockdown compensation

  • Post published:January 15, 2021
  • Post category:News

The New Mexico Supreme Court heard oral arguments Wednesday on whether or not businesses can sue the state for compensation due to closures from the Governor’s public health orders. As of Friday, still no decision has been made. The uncertain nature of the state’s business restrictions, especially on restaurants has crippled their ability to keep employees on staff and in some cases, the lights on and doors open. The sudden shutdowns and reopenings have taken their toll, and businesses argue they are entitled to compensation for the loss of business they had no control over. 

This will be the third case heard by the NM Supreme Court from businesses against the Governor. If the current trend keeps up however, the Governor will receive another win. “The right to have property and not have it taken by the government without providing just compensation is fundamental liberty recognized in our bill of rights,” said Blair Dunn, an attorney representing the parties of interest. The state argues that the public health orders and business shutdowns were necessary and legal to protect New Mexicans in the pandemic from COVID-19. But as the pandemic drags on, and more and more businesses close their doors for good, businesses that have been crushed by broad public health order closures deserve some form of compensation or justice. Click HERE to read more.