Stop the War on New Mexico’s Children

  • Post published:February 8, 2016
  • Post category:Issues

What New Mexican’s need is accountability for the funds currently being spent: Despite numerous policy proposals, actions, and millions of dollars in increased funding over the past ten years, New Mexico’s expenditures on its educational challenges have not yielded the return on investment promised. The answer is not to increase the rate of LGPF disbursements, but instead to focus on direct learning programs that yield beneficial results without violating federal requirements. That could be accomplished if the state would stop funding special interest groups and put the money into our teachers and quality educational materials.

CALL TO ACTION: In less than a minute you can send an email to every NM Legislator encouraging them to vote ‘No’ on any memorial, resolution or bill that raids the LGPF! Fill out the form below!

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Stop Raiding the Land Grant Permanent Fund: Here is the legislation that Representatives and Senators have proposed that want to increase the amount of money taken from the LGPF, which could put the corpus of the fund at risk and hurt our children’s future:

HJR 10, Permanent Funds for Early Childhood, CA, Reps Maestas and J. Martinez

HJR 22, Permant Fund Discributions, CA, Reps Lechuga-Tena and Chr. Trujillo

SJR 2, Permanent Funds for Early Childhood Education, CA, Senator Michael Padilla

SJR 3, Permanent Fund Annual Distributions, CA, Senator Michael Padilla