Taxes, Taxes, Everywhere!

The NMBC analyzed the ordinance and found that it was flawed with no effective accountability for its use and no sunset provision to allow voters to determine if it should continue or stop.

Even though some local groups who said they were business friendly were strongly supporting the initiative, after the NMBC gave voters the truth, they shot down the proposal at the polls and said, “NO”.

We received a few angry phone calls saying that Roswell was none of our business and we didn’t know the circumstances of how badly the tax was needed. Our response? New Mexico – all of it – is the business of the New Mexico Business Coalition. It is why we exist! We told these callers that voters have a right to know what they are being taxed for and to decide if it makes sense.

These same callers said that Clovis and others had this very tax and it was working great. Not according to the Albuquerque Journal Business Outlook, 7/29/13. (See the article HERE) A 2011 decision by the Clovis City Commission to provide $1.8 million in economic development dollars resulted not only in the failed venture of Beauty Health and Science Innovations, but caused an unpaid contractor on the project to lose his business and five employees their jobs.

Whether you live in Roswell, Clovis, Albuquerque or anywhere in New Mexico, voters need to make a good, informed decision and the NMBC is happy to provide the information you need.

If the NMBC’s work and dedication is important to you, please join us! Together, we can make a difference!

Taxes, taxes, everywhere! Rio Rancho will hold a special election next month and voters will decide if the quarter cent higher education tax will continue or be reduced. The Committee for Higher Education wants you to say ‘NO’ to reducing it; Safe Rio Rancho wants voters to say ‘YES’. Safe Rio Rancho is also supporting councilors creating a new one-eighth-of-a-cent tax to generate money for staffing and equipment in the city police and fire departments.

So what should voters in Rio Rancho and other cities do when posed with such issues? The government and those funded by it always want more of your hard-earned tax dollars. But it’s your money and the NMBC wants you to make careful, informed decisions before you give it to them. Make sure your tax dollars are well spent, completely accounted for and are achieving the desired outcome. If you find a problem in any one of these areas, there is usually much more to the story.

VOTE as an informed voter. Make your vote count for the good of New Mexico!

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