Taxpayers Hit Again – and Again!

  • Post published:May 5, 2015
  • Post category:Issues

Read more on the tax HERE.

Audit: Defaults on Government-Backed Loans for Renewable Energy Could Cost Taxpayers $2.2 Billion: Taxpayers are on the hook for more than $2.2 billion in expected costs from the federal government’s energy loan guarantee programs, according to a new audit Monday that suggests the controversial projects may not pay for themselves, as officials had promised.

“Nearly $1 billion in loans have already defaulted under the Energy Department program, which included the infamous Solyndra stimulus project and dozens of other green technology programs the Obama administration has approved, totaling nearly about $30 billion in taxpayer backing, the Government Accountability Office reported in its audit,” the Washington Times reports. Read more HERE.

GOTV – Dona Ana Soil & Water Conservation District Election is Today: We know that water and land are some of the most precious resources we have. Today, May 5th, is a chance for those living in Dona Ana County to vote regarding who has control of these important resources. The NMBC encourages all who are eligible to get information about the candidates and vote. More information, including sample ballots and voting locations HERE.

Protect Your Business from Wire Fraud: With the increase in cyber-security awareness, it may seem overwhelming to try and protect your network from hackers. This Albuquerque Business First article shares some tips to keep your systems and customers safe and secure.