TECO Hearings Drag on at Taxpayer Expense

There has yet to be one sound reason or argument for the opposition of this acquisition, but the interveners persist in dragging out the proceedings. The collective effort of the interveners is an incredible waste of time and money. At the very least, taxpayers are covering the salaries and costs of the AG and the PRC staff, who are employed to look out for our interests. Do you feel you’re getting your money’s worth? Read more HERE.

The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) has clearly outlined the merits of this case. Numerous letters of support have been placed in the record from business owners, individuals and elected officials (Representatives Espinoza, Strickler, Cook, Herrell, and David Gallegos; Senators Sharer and Griggs; Roswell Mayor Kintigh and others). The Albuquerque Journal editorial board also strongly supports the case. Read more HERE.

Because of the importance of this issue and the fact that the record is still open, we encourage New Mexican’s to make your voice heard. If you have not already signed the petition in support of TECO’s acquisition of NMGC, please do so HERE.

Get Out and VOTE: A reminder to Rio Rancho citizens: Early voting is underway and it’s important that you support pro-business candidates and make your voice heard! See voting information HERE.