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The Camps are Shutting Down!?

  • Post published:August 4, 2022
  • Post category:News

Very recently, Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller announced in a press conference that Coronado Park will be shutting down!

This comes as a major change as it was just this new permanent park was just put into law and effect a couple weeks ago and it’s already been changed. Additionally, the fate of many other ‘homeless encampments’ in the city are also being decided upon on August 15th and could impact where the homeless sleep at night. 

The major ‘change of heart’ comes from seeing the issues that have come out of the park such as drug circulation, lack of safety in the area for both homeless and businesses, along with many killings happening in the area over the past couple of years. This should hopefully reduce crime, make the city safer for all citizens who live here, and help this group of people back on their feet, financially, physically, and mentally. 

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