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The Good, Bad, Ugly

  • Post published:March 13, 2018
  • Post category:Issues

Good News for Carlsbad: The Governor has signed the Brine Well bill that funds remediation of very dangerous brine well that will endanger lives and property if not stabilized. More good news: There is work in process for the dangerous road situation down there as well!

Good News out of the NM Supreme Court for PNM ratepayers: In a unanimous decision yesterday, the New Mexico Supreme court rejected arguments against PNM’s shut down of 1/2 of San Juan Generating Station and use of replacement power from Palo Verde Nuclear Nuclear Generating Station. Among other reasons detailed in the court opinion, Chief Justice Judith Nakamura said the arguments made by a Santa Fe environmental group against PNM, “…are unpersuasive or entirely without merit.” Read more HERE.

The final Good News for today is it’s Election Day around the state: The polls are open today for important issues relating to bonds, tax increases and top municipal elected positions around the state to include: Aztec, Bernalillo, Corrales, Bloomfield, Farmington, Hobbs, Kirkland, Los Ranchos De Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Roswell, and others.

NMBC encourages all eligible citizens (that have not already done so) to take time to go to the polls today and use your vote.

Bad News for the City of Albuquerque: The Albuquerque City Council voted last night to raise the Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) three-eighths of one percent (.375%). NMBC appreciates the only councilor, Brad Winter, who voted against the increase, saying ‘belt-tightening’ should be considered before a tax increase and any increase should be put to the voters.

If Albuquerque wants to grow and get out of the financial crisis it is now in, the answer is to broaden the tax base by encouraging business growth and relocation, not driving it away and trying to take more from those who live and work there.

Read what NMBC President Carla Sonntag said in a letter to Councilor Trudy Jones and Ken Sanchez, who introduced the GRT increase, HERE.

Ugly News for elected officials and candidates who want to be trusted: Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller (who just took office) is signaling he will go against two recent campaign promises. As a candidate, Keller said he would look for ways to address the city’s budget deficit by finding and correcting wasteful spending and, if a tax increase were to be considered, he would let city voters decide. As Mayor, that seems to have changed. Read more HERE.