The NM Two-Step

  • Post published:November 18, 2014
  • Post category:Issues

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One Step Back: County Officials Create Job Killing Regulations. In addition to Mora County whose anti oil and gas regulations are tied up in court, San Miguel County has now made the decision to impose requirements on hydrocarbon exploration. Restrictions on oil and gas production are concerning to the industry as these rulings will prevent development opportunities in the future. Read more HERE.

We Can Break the NM Two-Step Cycle: New Mexico is full of great people who want jobs and enough natural resources to lead the nation to energy independence and prosperity. All we need are more elected officials who see the path forward and work to help improve our economy. How can you help?

Since 2009, the NMBC has been dedicated to encouraging New Mexican voters to demand better of elected officials. It provides the information they need on Election Day to make informed decisions. You can join the NMBC and support our work for what it costs to wash your car — Join Us Today.

Homeowners Bear the Burden to Pay for Bonds: Property taxes are a concern that many voters do not have – so higher property taxes isn’t something many think twice about when voting “Yes” for bond questions. Home and property owners, on the other hand, are left with ever increasing taxes while paying for each new round of multi-million dollar projects. Read the Op-Ed by an Albuquerque resident HERE.

The New Mexico Business Coalition is proud to fight for a pro-business environment in our state and not afraid to discuss the efforts of elected officials that work against our state’s prosperity.

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