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This’ the Biggest Threat to Businesses…

  • Post published:May 17, 2023
  • Post category:News

Rampant crime. Crime is a huge problem plaguing both old and new businesses while simultaneously discouraging any business to thrive.

One Albuquerque business that just opened has already experienced 3 separate break-ins causing over $5,300 in damage. It’s enough to make the business owner wonder if the business will be in ‘…operation from week to week.’ For a business owner that hasn’t even been open for one month, shows how bad our crime has gotten, with many state lawmakers doing very little to stop the crisis.

Another small business in Albuquerque that has been a major staple of the city since 1977, has made the decision to close their doors. After Memorial Day weekend, they will officially end their 46-year long run in the city. Their reason for closing the shop? More rampant crime. Every month, robbers come and steal thousands of dollars in products, making it difficult for them to stay open. 
We understand that the issue of crime isn’t exclusive to Albuquerque, but that it’s happening all over New Mexico. Read more HERE and HERE.