Truthfulness and Integrity are what NM Deserves

Two cases in point:

Case 1: A Bernalillo County Sheriff Candidate has a serious problem with the truth. You can see two videos here and here setting the record straight. The candidate also omitted important facts to the Journal concerning his criminal record. Likewise, he omitted EEOC information as pointed out by Peter St. Cyr, “Scott Baird, a primary candidate for sheriff, should remember being suspended for misconduct.”

The fact that there are multiple examples of not being truthful, all occurring in a short period of time, could indicate a systemic character problem.

Case 2: Jal Police Chief, now a candidate for Magistrate judge, wants voters to ignore his past actions. The NMBC believes being caught in a ‘sex tape’ scandal should be a warning to voters.

The candidate, who served a suspension for misconduct, responded to the situation by saying, “I just feel that someone is trying to make sure that I don’t become magistrate judge.”

Seriously? If this candidate is exercising poor personal judgment now, what kind of decisions will he make if elected to judge others? Read more on this issue HERE.

PROGRESSIVE OR PROBUSINESS? If you missed it last week, the NMBC has posted a Progressive vs. Probusiness Study. It’s important because the progressive agenda will destroy free enterprise, if allowed to move forward. There are two candidates in Democratic primaries who are running as progressives: Alan Webber, candidate for Governor, and John Wertheim, candidate for State Treasurer.

It’s Time to Make a Choice – Election Day is Today – and your vote has never been more important! The polls are open from 7 am to 7 pm. The NMBC encourages you to vote for probusiness candidates, who are honest and show good personal judgment.

Save the Date: Join us on August 7 for the 2014 Annual Heroes Luncheon, featuring Mark Meckler, President and Founder of Citizens for Self Governance.