Unless You’re Dead, Please VOTE!

  • Post published:November 4, 2014
  • Post category:Issues

For all the living, legally registered voters out there – today is Election Day — PLEASE VOTE. If you have not already done so, it’s important that you take time from your busy schedule to vote. While you’re at it, take someone with you.

Be Prepared for Long Ballots: The ballots are very long in some counties due, in particular, to bond issues and judges. We recommend that you prepare to vote by looking at your sample ballot before heading to the polls. This will give you time to carefully consider the issues and candidates and research those for which you need more information.

View the 2014 Voter Guide Here.

If you want to know how the candidates are rated regarding probusiness positions, go HERE.

Many Locations to VOTE: There are hundreds of locations to vote around the state. To find locations near you, go to your county clerk’s website, START HERE.


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