Victories and Warnings

Voters also defeated Larry Burns, Republican candidate for Magistrate Judge in Lea County, who had made poor personal decisions.

Warnings: Indefensibly low voter turnout was most unfortunate. If voters don’t engage in the next five months leading up to the general election in November, New Mexico could find itself with results it doesn’t like. Speaking of unacceptable results…

The performance of Maggie Toulouse Oliver in providing Bernalillo County election results was inexcusable. With pathetically low voter turnout, most results should’ve been publicly available within an hour of the polls closing. Instead, some races weren’t posting results until three hours after the polls closed with “final” results coming in close to midnight. This type of incompetence will not work in the Secretary of State’s office, the position that Toulouse Oliver is currently seeking.

The New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC) thanks those of you who took the time to get educated about the candidates and voted. The low overall voter turnout, however, means we need to encourage many New Mexicans to ‘tune in’ and get more involved in the process of who gets elected.

Please contact the NMBC with any questions or comments at or (505) 836-4223.