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  • Post published:September 16, 2014
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At the NMBC Farmington BASH (Business and Social Hour) this Thursday, you have the opportunity to witness ‘Job Interviews’ for state and local elected positions. Applicants will be interviewed on behalf of the “Boss” (the New Mexican voter) individually, and there will be a chance to meet with them before and after the program.

You can also suggest interview questions by emailing NMBC at

Confirmed attendance includes candidates for:

Attorney General: Hector Balderas and Susan Riedel State Auditor: Robert Aragon and Tim Keller House Representative District 4: Sharon Clahchischilliage and Harrison Todacheene

Thank you to our BASH Sponsors: Merrion Oil and Gas ConocoPhillips Bayless Drilling Walsh Engineering & Production Jean & Bill Hagler Senator Bill Sharer

RSVP TODAY – You will not want to miss this informative and fun event!

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A Good Example Why Your Vote Matters:

An issue with a Border Patrol housing development in Arizona resulted in overspending federal tax dollars by around $4.6 million. Your vote can hold elected officials making these decisions accountable.

Who Has the Right to Vote in New Mexico? The answer to this question is up for debate over several issues. Two recent Op-Eds in the Albuquerque Journal focus on Voter Rights:

Voter Disenfranchisement: Currently, primaries in the State of New Mexico are open only to those registered as Democrat or Republican. Suggestions have been made to open primary elections to independent and DTS (Declined To State) voters, as this will give everyone in New Mexico a chance to have their say earlier in the election process. Read more on this debate in an Op-Ed by House Rep Candidate Johnny Luevano HERE.

Voter Identification: Should voters be required to show photo identification at the polls? This practice can be helpful in avoiding voter fraud, but some debate that this will keep people from voting. Read the Op-Ed by Sylvia Bokor HERE.

Albuquerque BASH: The Albuquerque Jobs Interview BASH will be held on October 14 at the Albuquerque Country Club from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Register today!

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