Voter Fraud or Voter ID?

  • Post published:November 3, 2014
  • Post category:Issues

Do you know where the Secretary of State Candidates Stand on Voter ID? The NMBC conducted Job Interviews with both candidates and encourage voters to see and hear responses from Dianna Duran and Maggie Toulouse Oliver on important issues like voter ID, same day voter registration, on-line voter registration, voter fraud in general and more. The entire, unedited interviews are HERE.

Millions of dollars have poured into New Mexico to influence our elections. The NMBC has found no stated purpose for this influence EXCEPT from billionaire George Soros (and we have looked). Soros has a history of spending millions of dollars in other states and in NM with the stated purpose of influencing who is in control of the vote. Why does George Soros want to influence who controls our elections and why is he personally invested in Maggie Toulouse Oliver?

REMEMBER: Look at the issues and decide for yourself what’s best for New Mexico. Diana Duran supports voter ID laws. Maggie Toulouse Oliver is against voter ID laws. Don’t let a New York billionaire influence your vote.

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